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 Growing interest in electric vehicles


  and the development of charging stations infrastructure create the need to develop a system which is responsible for the management, monitoring and payment among all of the system’s users.

eCars is an innovative solution that helps to optimise the control over the system through the management of EV charging stations.


eCars - our solution for





  • distribution companies

  • independent operators of charging stations

  • municipalities and local government units

  • energy clusters

  • public transport

  • private or institutional owners of charging stations

  • electric cars users

  • electric cars rental (Car Sharing)

  • network of gas stations and parking lots

How it works

     user panel in the Cloud 

       for energy sector enterprises

manage infrustructure of a station

analyse the use and load of stations

access modules of visualistaion, reports and statistics, payment 

           mobile app 

               for EV drivers

find a station and book 

charge a car

pay as you wish

manage your reservations 


  • integration with charging stations with the use of OCPP protocol

  • ability to integrate with billing, sales system (POS, hotel system, SAP)

  • market integration based on the use of EDIFACT/EBIX protocols 

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  • available in the Cloud

  • open network and integration interface

  • high accessibility and safety

  • standards of market communication

  • constantly improved and developed

  • multilingual interface

  • simple and intuitive use 

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